1. Dr. House and his staff are amazing

    Dr. House and his staff are amazing. This place is great for those looking for natural remedies! *…Read More

    Lauren Crowley
  2. Dr. House is one of a kind

    Dr. House is one of a kind. You can tell he really cares and wants to see you better. He is awesome , I’m glad to be a patient of his. *…Read More

    Selina Baci
  3. We have harmoniously treated

    Dr House is a colleague of mine. We have harmoniously treated many patients together with great success. *…Read More

    Dr Carla Polins
  4. This has given me the confidence I needed

    I believe this experience has been very beneficial and I am so happy I took the risk. I have wanted to make a change. It’s hard with such a personal issue as weight loss. I was very comfortable with Dr House. This has given me the confidence I needed to join a gym and get on with improving my life. Thank you Dr House for giving me my life back !! *…Read More

  5. Dr House is awesome

    Dr House is awesome and knows a lot about Natural Healing ..I did his program until I lost all the weight i wanted to and I will continue to follow his eating guidelines for my health!! Thank You Dr House *…Read More

  6. I am happy to connect with Dr. House!

    I am happy to connect with Dr. House! He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I look forward to trying out all the health related services that you offer. I May you and your loved ones enjoy a beautiful day of giving Thanks! *…Read More

    Dusty James
  7. So thankful and grateful

    I am so thankful and grateful for Dr. House! I have suffered two strokes since July 1st which left me with mobility, speech and memory issues, as well as brain fog and a constant headache. I have not done well tolerating modern medications or being told I was likely going to reach my wellness plateau by 6 months post stroke. I have felt helpless to say the least. A neighbor and friend recommended …Read More

    Karen McAtee
  8. Thank you Dr. House – a rose amongst the dandelions.

    On the 10th of March this year (2017) it will be exactly one year since my last and final ten consecutive weeks Prolopuncture Treatment for my left shoulder. The MRI revealed a prominent effusion in the subacromial and subdeltoid bursae and a complete tear along the insertion of the anterior band of the supraspinatus tendon – colloquially referred to as a “torn rotator cuff”. I have an antip…Read More

    Rainer Gunther
  9. I can’t be more grateful

    “I can’t be more grateful to Dr. Michael House from All Natural Healing Medical Center!  I’ve suffered with herpes outbreaks for over 20 years.  I met Dr. House, over a year ago. He asked me to gradually replace the prescription drug with safe, plant-based Chinese tea pills. I was hesitant in the beginning but I trusted him. Dr House is passionate of natural medicine. His approach was holi…Read More