Recently during the preparations for the upcoming hurricane and afterwards, I realized the benefits of my efforts of the last couple of years.  I was able to help a friend move three large car loads of his belongings from his home in Bradenton to my home in Sarasota and back home again.  I loaded and unloaded the three car loads which included carrying and lifting heavy suit cases and other item…Read More

    Ruth Ph.D
  2. Thank You For The Successful Treatments

    When I arrived at All Natural Healing Medical Center, I was suffering from an increasing level of pain and a growing inability to walk due to the unfortunate result of the three spinal surgeries by a western neurosurgical specialist. Having reached my limit of the ability to walk and endure the growing discomfort a good friend recommended getting a free consultation with Dr. House. The treatments …Read More

    N. Suanders

    Thank you, Dr. House, for the professional help you gave me recently.  I had been Diagnosed with an acute urinary track infection (UTI) and had been prescribed some antibiotics.  This body does not tolerate antibiotics very well at this time in my life.  You provided me with alternatives, i.e., acupuncture(two treatments), Chinese herbs, a way to lower the body’s temperature which was over 10…Read More

    Ruth D.
  4. Thank you Dr. House

    I have had sciatica for over a year and nothing helps me for very long. I have tried it all. Dr. House saw me 2 times my first week and it was not until the third visit that I got complete relief! I have no sciatica and don’t ever want it again. Thank you Dr. House, you are a lifesaver!*…Read More

    Sara M, Bradenton
  5. Dr. H has improved my quality of life beyond

    Dr. House fixed my knee pain with prolopuncture. I have sent him at least 10 of my friends that have had the same complaints. My recommendations for Dr. H have brought patients from Alabama and Tennessee! Believe me, it is worth the trip, Dr. H has improved my quality of life beyond measure! * Thank you,…Read More

    Theodore, Sarasota
  6. I was referred to Dr. Michael House by my doctor

    In January of this year I was referred to Dr. Michael House by my doctor. I had been suffering from very sore knee’s and had been through 3 different operations to “repair” tears and ruptures in the meniscus and knee cap, I was against any further invasive surgery’s so the opportunity to possibly relieve the pain through Prolopuncture was very appealing ( a treatment that stimulates the na…Read More

    Thomas Johnson Jr TRX Fitness Trainer Definition Fitness
  7. Thanks to you, my recovery from these injuries

    Dr. House…As you know every now and then I reinjure my back (herniated disk L5-S1) and the surrounding muscles. As an electrician with a new business and a 1 month old baby girl , I’m sure it’s easy to see how important it is that my back is in good working order. Thanks to you, my recovery from these injuries are as short as possible and I don’t have to take any prescription drugs to get …Read More

    Brian Volker, President BV Electric Inc.
  8. Thanks Dr House!

    I had this continues nagging pain in my lower back, numbness tingling down left leg. Did an MRI and found out I had bulging discs. My friend told me about the results she got from Dr House so I went to see him. I did the treatments in lower back. 4 weeks after last treatment I was pain free. Thanks Dr House! *…Read More

    John Y. Fredericksburg, Ohio
  9. Dr. House has given me a life

    “I have struggled with profound fatigue from autoimmune issues for several years to the extent where I couldn’t work and was on disability. Dr. House has given me a life so that I can participate in activities and enjoy my subsequent retirement. I still have some ups and downs but my life has greatly improved, and is continuing to improve as I follow my diet.” *…Read More

    Darlene Zimmerman
  10. Dr. House has changed my life!

    “I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 3 years ago due to this disease I was unable to continue my career as a Licensed Pharmacy Tech. The final call was Disability! Living like a zombie from pain killers and being depressed because some days I was unable to get out of bed! I decided to do research on All Natural Healing! Dr. House has changed my life! I am now on all natural herbs due to his d…Read More

    Judy Hughes