Recently during the preparations for the upcoming hurricane and afterwards, I realized the benefits of my efforts of the last couple of years.  I was able to help a friend move three large car loads of his belongings from his home in Bradenton to my home in Sarasota and back home again.  I loaded and unloaded the three car loads which included carrying and lifting heavy suit cases and other items.  Due to his physical condition, I did the lion’s share of the lifting, carrying, packing and unpacking of the cars myself.  It was after all of this moving that I reflected on the changes that my body has experienced since I started to consult with Dr. Michael House and to exercise (2-3X/wk. for 3/4-1 1/4 hrs. each visit) at the All Natural Healing Medical Center in June, 2015.


With the recommended modification to my eating habits (for my body type), the addition of the vibration exercise machine, stationary bicycle, weights and of course the substantial changes to my water intake (1 oz./lb. of body wt.), I have experienced the changes to my body.  I have also continued to walk at least 2 miles daily which I have done for years.  Not only was I able to do the work mentioned above, I also feel significantly healthier.  I continue to live a prescription drug free life and have done so for years.  I have changed my clothes because of the changes in my body.  The pants sizes have gone from a snug large to a medium or small.  The tops have also changed from large to medium and small.  


Perhaps this information will motivate you or someone you know to consult with Dr. Michael House and you too will start a program best suited for you and your goals.  For me I know I will continue with this way of living because it works for me—I FEEL AWESOME!  Thank you Dr. House for giving me my life back.

Ruth Ph.D