Thank You For The Successful Treatments

When I arrived at All Natural Healing Medical Center, I was suffering from an increasing level of pain and a growing inability to walk due to the unfortunate result of the three spinal surgeries by a western neurosurgical specialist.

Having reached my limit of the ability to walk and endure the growing discomfort a good friend recommended getting a free consultation with Dr. House.

The treatments I received at All Natural Healing Medical Center and Dr. House resulted in what I call a miracle. I was once again able to walk and live without the pain and discomfort resulting from the previous treatments.

The western protocols are overly expensive and from my experience can be totally ineffective.

The treatments I received; has allowed me to once again live a normal, mostly pain-free existence. I now am fully functional, walking, sleeping and operating with a functionality akin to normalcy. The relative cost was so far less than my western treatment not to mention the additional gift of a Mersa infection that took seven weeks of medical treatment and chemistry to cure.


I strongly suggest anyone in pain should obtain medical advice from both Eastern and Western specialists before making a decision. I personally will never proceed without first comparing the two protocols and their relative costs.


Thank you, Dr. House and All Natural Healing Medical Center.





N. Suanders