I was referred to Dr. Michael House by my doctor

In January of this year I was referred to Dr. Michael House by my doctor. I had been suffering from very sore knee’s and had been through 3 different operations to “repair” tears and ruptures in the meniscus and knee cap, I was against any further invasive surgery’s so the opportunity to possibly relieve the pain through Prolopuncture was very appealing ( a treatment that stimulates the natural healing of the connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage.) although I hate injection needles. I found Dr. House to be very knowledgeable and patient in dealing with my knee issues. I had 10 injections over a 14 week period and the swelling was gone within a week. I was very happy with the reduction in pain and noticed that my strength returned and I was able to workout more. All this is very important to my career as I am involved in the field of physical fitness as a TRX Trainer in both group and private fitness training. I would recommend Dr. Michael house to family and friends. *


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