At All Natural Healing, we offer a couple of types of massage therapies for back, neck, muscle soreness, and joint pain.  Manipulating your muscles and soft tissues, we can isolate pain and reduce your discomfort to promote overall wellness. Whether you have been in an accident, have chronic issues, or are looking for a one-time solution to reduce the tension in your neck, back, and spine, our massage therapist customizes your massage to meet your specific needs.

By applying pressure to the areas of concern, it is our goal to effectively treat your pain and promote better mobility. Massage is not only an effective solution to reduce pain, but its practice also improves the circulatory, skeletal, nervous, and lymphatic systems, helping the body to recover from injury and reduce the effects of stress. As a vital solution for relaxation and recovery, massage therapy is suggested for anyone who is experiencing recurring pain and discomfort.  Our massage treatments include the following types of massage therapy: 


Sports Massage – focusing on the muscle groups that are subjected to injury in active sports


Swedish  Massage – a gentle, light pressure, relaxing massage designed for your comfort and relaxation


Pressure/Trigger Point Therapy – designed for clients with certain conditions or intensive injuries


If you have pain and are looking for a simple solution, call us today.  Take advantage of our introductory massage specials under the “Specials” tab above.  Limited time offer, book your appointment and let us help you get back to your optimal health.