Lianny Barrera (MA 90503) has been licensed in Massage therapy since June 2018.   She graduated from the Lee Professional Institute of Fort Myers.  You could not tell she is new to Massage Therapy because she massages like a seasoned therapist, the way she finds the areas of need and relieves the pain.  She is also certified in Lymphatic Drainage Massage.     She now lives in Sarasota, Fl with her husband and their two children since 2015.  Lanny is originally from Cuba, where she studied for 5 years of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at the University of Havana.   After graduation, she worked as a Physical Therapist for 9 years, before she and her family moved to the U.S.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time out in nature with her family and friends.  Lianny has created a huge following in her short time at All-Natural Healing Medical Center, everyone who gets a massage from her becomes a regular patient of hers.  Dr. House entrusts her with his back and joint patients because of her combined background in Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy.  If you are interested in getting a massage from her, we are running an Introductory Special of $40 for an hour massage.  Call the clinic and set up an introductory massage with Lianny.