Neck and back pain are the most common areas of pain that we treat. Using the revolutionary impulse iQ® for gentle adjustments, we can effectively deliver a gentle and precise manipulation to the spine and surrounding areas to relieve pressure and pain.

Because of its ability to target any area of the body, inflammation adjustment therapy is a more affordable and effective adjustment treatment option in comparison to traditional practices. Improving your joint’s functions, this microcomputer instrument has the ability to target where your pain is coming from, by directly applying pressure to the areas that hurt the most. Treating patients on an individual basis, instrument adjustments allow us to deliver more pressure exactly where it is needed, anywhere on the body, without any popping or cracking.

Used to treat chronic inflammation and muscles spasms, we work with you to ensure your treatment is designed to meet your needs. Adjustments using the Impulse iQ is safe for all ages and feels like a light tapping sensation. Many patients have said that the process is relatively painless, and experience an almost immense increase in mobility upon completion.

If you are in pain, let us help relieve your tension using holistic healing methods for rehabilitation. Contact us today to schedule your appointment, and find out what makes us Sarasota’s best.