1. Olympians Who Receive Acupuncture

    It has been shown that acupuncture can help the body in many ways. From repairing the digestive system to boosting Qi, enhancing athletic performance to mending strains and sprains, acupuncture has many uses and most of these uses are beneficial for professional athletes. As the Olympics in Rio get …Read More

  2. 6 Truths About the Not So Sweet Side of Sugar

    A study published by the JAMA Internal Medicine found that more than 70 percent of Americans consume more than the recommended daily amount of sugar. Sadly, most of us are addicted to sugar, which happens to be hidden in most of the foods and drinks we consume. Added sugar can cause a whole array of…Read More

  3. How to Make a Natural Sunscreen at Home

    Although sun protection is extremely important to protect against harmful UV-rays and to prevent skin cancer, next time you pick out your sunscreen, consider what you’re buying. Many common sunscreens actually contain chemicals that can be harmful to your body. Chemicals To Avoid In Common Sunscre…Read More

  4. Prolopuncture…Not Only am I the Physician, But Was Also a Patient

    I have seen an overwhelming epidemic of patients in my practice, with hip, knee, and shoulder issues. Currently we are living longer and exercising more than previous generations, which create more wear and tear on our joints and tendons. Conventional medicine’s approach is to mask and manage thes…Read More

  5. The ABC’s Of Acupuncture

    Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are one the oldest and most proven forms of medicine. They are over 3000 years old and is now one of the fastest growing fields of medicine in the United States. There are a lot of unanswered questions people have about this medicine. I will try to put it in “laym…Read More

  6. Biopuncture… An Alternative To Surgery and Drugs

    An estimated 43 million people in the United States have arthritis or other rheumatic conditions. By the year 2020, this number is expected to jump to 60 million. (NIH Pub. No. 02-4999) There’s few viable options in our drug based western medicine model in the United States. Biopuncture is an alte…Read More

  7. Take the “Die” out of Your Diet

    Have you ever realized that the word diet has DIE in it. When people go on a diet, they are literally killing themselves, by not eating or eating things that are not right for their body type. There isn’t one diet that works for everyone because we are all individually unique. It seems like every …Read More