1. Sarasota Medical Weight Loss

    We are the best option for Sarasota Medical Weight Loss. When it comes Weight Loss Programs, everyone is a unique individual and one weight loss program isn’t going to work for everyone. Have you ever noticed how one person loses a bunch of weight and another person loses nothing off the same wei…Read More

  2. Arthritis Pain Relief

    Arthritis Pain Relief concerns a lot of people. An estimated 43 million people in the United States have Arthritis or other Rheumatic conditions. By the year 2020, this number is expected to jump to 60 million. (NIH Pub. No. 02-4999). There’s few viable options in our drug based Western Medicine …Read More

  3. Acupuncture | Sarasota Fl

    Acupuncture (Eastern Medicine) is the one of the oldest and most proven forms of medicine. Acupuncture is over 3000 years old and is now one of the fastest growing fields of medicine in the United States. There are a lot of unanswered questions people have about this medicine. I will try to put it i…Read More

  4. Sarasota Neck Pain Treatments

    Having neck pain is a more common occurrence as more and more people are sitting at desks with their bodies bent over desks and computers for the ever evolving technology sphere that we are working in.  Chiropractors, physicians and even emergency clinic in case of major trauma, can all help you wi…Read More

  5. Have Lower Back Pain?

    We understand that many of our patients have different conditions that need assessment and treatment. Some are worse than others, and other may seem like they are insignificant until they aren’t.  One of the things that we help all of our patients with is understanding the value of preventative t…Read More

  6. Headaches In Sarasota

    There are many causes of headaches and you have likely gotten them at what seems to be random times in your life.  However, if you are someone who suffers from chronic headaches then there is likely to be an underlying condition that is being left untreated.  What we will do at All Natural Healing…Read More

  7. Fibromyalgia Doesn’t Need To Keep You Down

    Many people have experienced the effects of fibromyalgia, from construction workers and athletes to women who have carried babies and those in the military. Fibromyalgia is generally caused by some form of extreme stress to the back, and if you have it, you can probably help your doctors pinpoint ex…Read More

  8. Think Arthritis Is Terrible? Visit Sarasota’s Solution To It

    Arthritis is a very common condition that effects people of all ages and activity types. You can be a teenage athlete and develop arthritis in your knees, or be an office worker and develop arthritis in your hands after spending all those months at a computer. Or, you can develop arthritis as you ag…Read More

  9. If You Want To Handle Your Sciatica, Sarasota, FL Has A Solution!

    If you have sciatica, then you know exactly what severe pain feels like. This is not a condition that is easy to treat in many cases, and it is a highly disabling condition too. Modern medicine can provide some treatments that will allow you to cope with the pain and many hide it somewhat, but the p…Read More

  10. Don’t Let Lower Back Pain Bring You Down

    One of the most common complaints that many physicians see for treatment are those concerning lower back pain. Back pain and especially lower back pain can be caused by multiple conditions. It is our goal at the Natural Healing Medical Center to help our patients discover what is actually at the roo…Read More