All-Natural Healing Medical Center in Sarasota, Florida. We are a very unique Alternative/Holistic/Oriental  Medical Healthcare Center.  We have healed 1000’s of patients with all-natural medicine & therapies that have been around over 5,000+ years.  All-Natural Healing can take care of almost every health issue one would experience.  (We Don’t do Emergency health issues, go to the Emergency room or call 911)  We specialize in Nonsurgical Neck, Back, Shoulder, Hip & Knee Repair.  Accepting New Patients. Please Call today for a FREE Consultation & become our next success story.  Call Today.

We now accept insurances.  In order to best serve you, Please verify your insurance benefits by clicking on the link above “ Verify Insurance”.  Please complete the online form,  then Call & schedule your Free Consultation with Dr.House.  We will inform you about your benefits thru email and/or at your FREE Consultation.  Don’t need your insurance verified for your Free Consultation with Dr. House. Call (941) 953-3700